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REI sells products Store locations in many U.S. states, as well as on their website. The company focuses on tourism products, such as hiking and camping equipment. REI coupons can save you money in any outdoor activities imaginable. The company has a wide range of products for camping, hiking, biking, skiing and boating. In addition, gear, REI has even clothing may be needed before going out. As you learn more about different kinds of products are sold in REI, you will find that they have so many useful items. Climbers, for example, want to buy helmets, harnesses, Carabiners e. Campers may want to buy backpacks, flashlights, lanterns, radios, and water treatment products. No matter what outdoor activity you are interested, REI has the products you need to make sure your trip is safe and fun. REI is committed to helping outdoor enthusiasts can learn more about their sport. In addition, sales of gear, the company also offers courses in rock climbing, hiking, camping, canoeing and biking. These classes help to teach the necessary skills to protect themselves.